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How I got rid of chalazion (and stye) on my child naturally.

One of the scariest things I had to do as a parent was to schedule a chalazion removal surgery for my 3-year-old child. What began as a simple stye turned into a chalazion that persisted for two months despite numerous treatments. Following the advice of a highly-regarded pediatric eye specialist in Singapore, we tried everything: mild soap cleaning, fish oil, warm compresses, antibiotic cream, and even steroidal cream. However, nothing worked, and the chalazion grew larger and darker. We eventually scheduled a removal surgery involving general anesthesia (GA), a decision I was deeply uncomfortable with.

The Beginning of Our Journey

I first noticed a small, red bump on my child’s eyelid, which I figured was a stye. We went to see a GP and was prescribed antibiotic cream. At home, we cleaned the affected eye with mild soap, and made sure his hands were frequently washed and sanitised, doing all that we can to maintain good hygiene. This seemed like a simple and straightforward approach, but to my surprise, the bump didn’t go away. Despite our diligent efforts, the bump continued to grow larger, more stubborn, and needless to say, worrying.

Medical Advice and Recommendations

Concerned about the persistent bump, we consulted a highly-regarded pediatric eye specialist in Singapore. The specialist shared her concern that the stye may have developed into a chalazion. We were advised to continue cleaning the eye with mild soap, and apply warm compress. The specialist also suggested for us to add fish oil to our regimen for its anti-inflammatory benefits. We were also prescribed a different antitbiotic cream to combat bacterial infection. 

We followed this advice diligently, applying the cream as directed. When there was still no improvement, we were prescribed a steroidal cream, which I used infrequently and with hesitation due to concerns about its side effects on my young child. Despite these treatments, the chalazion persisted and even worsened, leading to the recommendation of a removal surgery under general anesthesia.

A Change of Plans: Chicken Pox Intervenes

A few days before the scheduled surgery, my child contracted chicken pox. Weird to say this, but, thank goodness. Because this unforeseen event forced us to reconsider the surgery. With his immune system already compromised by the chicken pox, the prospect of undergoing general anesthesia and surgery became even more daunting. 

Feeling desperate and unsure, I reached out to a local natural health support group for advice. The support and guidance I received from the group were invaluable. I am forever grateful to them. They provided me with different perspectives and introduced me to alternative treatments that we had not yet explored.

Discovering Natural Remedies

Through the support group, I learned about the potential benefits of using silver to treat chalazion. This was a treatment method I had not previously considered, and it offered a glimmer of hope. Among the suggestions, one particular product stood out: Argasol Silversol gel. This gel was reputed for its healing properties and had positive reviews from other parents who had faced similar challenges.

Introduction to Argasol Silversol Gel

argasol silversol gel

Argasol Silversol gel is a topical gel known for its potent antimicrobial properties, that is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal. Silver has been used for centuries to prevent and treat infections. The gel works by using the power of silver to fight infections and reduce inflammation. It works by breaking down the walls of bacteria and stopping them from growing, which makes it good for treating skin problems like stye and chalazia. It is safe for children, hence is a great natural option for treating skin conditions on kids.

Our Experience with Argasol Silversol Gel

We began applying Argasol Silversol gel to the chalazion daily. Our routine included gently cleaning the area with mild soap and water before applying a thin layer of the gel. I used Annmarie Gianni’s Aloe Herb Cleanser, a facial cleanser that I was using at that time, which is made of all natural organic ingredients. You can find all natural kid-friendly soap at Scoop as well. We did this twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. The result wasn’t immediate but we had faith and kept with the routine. The discoloration slowly improved. It took a month before the bump started draining pus, as you would see in the image below.

Over the next few weeks, the improvements became more pronounced. The chalazion gradually shrank in size. By the end of the third month, the bump had reduced significantly to a scab. We continued the treatment thereafter until the scab dropped off by itself, at which point the chalazion had completely disappeared. 

The progress was remarkable and boy, the relief. The journey from a persistent chalazion to complete healing without surgery was nothing short of miraculous. I cannot recommend Argasol Silversol gel enough.

Healing Progression


Why Argasol Silversol Gel Works on Chalazia

Argasol Silversol Gel is clinically proven to kill more than 650 types of bacteria hence is great for disinfection purpose and wound healing, not limited to chalazion. Here are some unique properties:

  • Antimicrobial Properties: Silver ions in the gel effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi by disrupting their cell membranes and metabolic processes.
  • Anti-inflammatory Effects: The gel reduces inflammation, which is crucial in managing the swelling and redness associated with chalazia.
  • Promotes Healing: The gel aids in the natural healing process by providing a protective barrier and keeping the area clean and free from infection.

Since being introduced to the power of silver, my first line of defense is silver. It is natural, effective, and more importantly safe for children. Unlike steroidal creams, silver does not contribute to harsh side effects. Surgery under GA also carries risks and causes anxiety and stress for the child. 


Reflecting on this journey, I am grateful for the alternative treatments that spared my child from surgery. Argasol Silversol gel proved to be an effective and safe solution for treating chalazia naturally. For other parents facing similar challenges, I recommend exploring all possible treatments and seeking support from natural health communities. This experience taught me the importance of first and foremost, trusting your instincts, being open to alternative remedies, and trusting in the body’s ability to heal with the right support.

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Support Groups and Forums

Join the Nutritional and Natural Health Support Group in Singapore on Facebook for advice and shared experiences from other parents.

Recommended Products

Argasol Silversol Gel – Official Website:

Learn more about Argasol Silversol Gel from their official website: Argasol Official Website

Purchase Argasol Silversol Gel:

Available at Shopee, Lazada, Pupsik, and other leading pharmacies.

Silver-Based Products:

Apart from Argasol’s Silversol Gel, I also use Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol internally and topically as an alternative to antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal to resolve all kinds of issue. Especially useful at the start of symptoms. You can check them out here on iHerb: Sovereign Silver, and read more about Sovereign Silver on their official website.


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