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Vitamineral Green, HealthForce Superfoods, 500g

Vitamineral Green, HealthForce Superfoods, 500g

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"This green powder changed my life. It started me on the path of wellness, it's the reason I could finally quit anti-histamines for good since 10 years ago. I've tried a couple of other green superfood powder but I kept coming back to Vitamineral Green because it's the only one that works. I can't say enough good things about this green powder. I will never be without it.
Begin with one teaspoon and work your way up to one tablespoon, every morning. I take mine with a little bit of honey. Take it for 3 months straight and you'll notice a difference, I promise."
- Mun

Vitamineral Green® is an extremely potent, hard-core, green superfood complex, combining the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet in an easy-to-use powder. Features alkalizing grasses and grass juices, freshwater algae, and sea vegetables abundant in iodine and trace minerals. Our unique formula offers a diverse blend of plant foods not commonly found in our modern diet. By including bio-diverse superfoods like nettles, horsetail, and moringa leaf, as well as non-green powerhouse superfoods like amla berry and ginger root, we've created a broad-spectrum, bio-nutritive superfood complex that is truly one of a kind. 

Vitamineral Green is actual food, free of synthetic/isolated nutrients. No binders, fillers, or added sweeteners. Green Focused: Not diluted with grains, legumes, seeds/chia/flax, fibers, fruits, or fillers. 


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