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PinXin Green Tom Yum Paste, 500g (Vegan)

PinXin Green Tom Yum Paste, 500g (Vegan)

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Made with fragrant fresh herbs and spices, PinXin's green tomyum is spicy, sour, savory, and super addictive - it is love at first sip. Use them to make anything tomyum, from soup to noodles, to pasta. 

Just add the paste and milk of your choice into boiling water - we use Original or coconut milk. Thereafter, add your desired ingredients. And, voila! Easy peasy, tomyum is ready!

Fresh green chilli, sunflower oil, ginger, tamarind, turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, basil, organic unrefined cane sugar, lake salt light

Shelf life / storage methods:
1 year / refrigerate and use within 3 months once opened. 

Serving size:
5-6 servings per jar



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