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Bentong Highland Ginger Powder with Organic Molasses Sugar

Bentong Highland Ginger Powder with Organic Molasses Sugar

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Bentong Highland Ginger, dried and ground into fine powder. Infinite usage - mix them in your water, tea, coffee; add them to your smoothie, or use as marinade or to cook with. Bentong Highland Ginger from Cheong Hoong is grown at high altitude with a lot of care for the environment; unpolluted soil, natural mineral water, away from electromagnetic waves and high voltage lines. Contains higher gingerol (antioxidant) vs normal ginger, stronger ginger flavor, with higher nutritional values.

Other benefits of Bentong Highland Ginger Organic Molasses Sugar:

  1. Nourishes the Qi energy and blood
  2. Enhances the blood circulation function
  3. Improves the liver Qi energy, nourishes the blood and improves beauty
  4. Warms the stomach and dispels cold
  5. Prevents nausea
  6. Warms the lungs and prevents coughing
  7. Increases appetite
  8. Improves body immunity
  9. Relieves menstrual pain
  10. Prevents cold

Ingredients: Bentong Highland Ginger, Organic Molasses Sugar
Origin: Malaysia
Weight: 44g / pack
Expiry: February 2024

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