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Mun handpicks all "Discover" items - tried, loved, and trusted by her and those she cares about. All of these items have played and continue to play important roles in their well-being today. 


More about Mun.

Mun's passion for holistic wellness bloomed from the fertile ground of childhood struggles. Aching from a lack of care in all facets of wellbeing - physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental - she embarked on a healing journey that ignited a powerful purpose. This path led her to become a certified holistic health coach, a decade ago, and later to found The Mlk Co., pioneering Singapore's access to high-quality plant-based milk. The Better Staples then emerged, evolving from a clean and sustainable brand distributor to a beacon of holistic living. Here, Mun shares her personal tapestry of stories, lessons, and resources, illuminating the path for others seeking well-rounded wellbeing. If you yearn for understanding and support on your own healing journey, Mun welcomes you to The Better Staples – a shared sanctuary where darkness finds light and struggles find solace.